Meet Nathan Wesenberg - The Conservative For Senate

Husband, Father, Wildlife Biologist, Lifelong Resident of Little Falls, and Patriot

Nathan is a wildlife biologist by trade, and a patriot by choice. As a husband, father, Christian and life-long resident of Little Falls, he can no longer stand idly by and watch politicians greenlight California Car Regulations, Tax Hikes, Spending Increases, Mask Mandates, Emergency Powers, and other atrocities that threaten your way of life.

You can count Nathan to be a bold advocate for the issues that matter most. Slashing taxes, protecting our second amendment rights, and standing up for your children (born or unborn).

Nathan is 100% Pro-2nd Amendment! He will vote to pass STAND YOUR GROUND, CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY, and CASTLE DOCTORINE. 

He wants to hear from YOU! Call or text Nathan: (320) 492-9296