As a biologist, Nathan Wesenberg not only knows what a woman is, he knows that life begins at conception.
Nathan Wesenberg has signed a pledge to do what the 2 career politicians in this race never did while they were in office: author and force a vote on a ‘Life at Conception’ bill.
Nathan Wesenberg’s opponent tried to twist his words to the contrary (click here for details), but Nathan knows that life begins at conception. He will fight to pass a law to protect the unborn as early as possible. 
If you see an attack on Nathan Wesenberg’s pro-life credentials from someone who voted to spend your tax dollars to pay for abortions through the medical assistance program, know that they are only trying to distract from their own voting record of authorizing taxpayer’s money to pay for the killing of babies.
Check out this candidate comparison from Minnesota Right to Life

No one in this race will be a stronger supporter of our 2nd amendment rights than Nathan Wesenberg. He is committed to championing STAND YOUR GROUND and CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY legislation, as well as the 2nd AMENDMENT PRESERVATION ACT.
Check out this candidate comparison from Minnesota Gun Rights 

Too many politicians make a career out of politics - this makes them lose touch with who they are supposed to represent and they only focus on themselves and their own re-election. 
Politics was never meant to be a career!
Nathan Wesenberg will be a voice for THE PEOPLE. Nathan vows to only serve a maximum of 2 terms!

These 1000+ page bills are unconstitutional, per the Minnesota Constitution*. These massive bills increase our taxes and grow our government. Nathan Wesenberg will fight to uphold his oath of office, and not vote for these unconstitutional bills.
*MN Constitution Article IV, Section 17: No law shall embrace more than one subject, which has be expressed in its title

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